Why Communication Experts Solution?

Next Peak Solution can provide the above mention features, which will contribute to the following advantages:

  • Rapid Enhancement and changes: Eases to cope with changes and new challenges and reduce the time needed for creating, developing, and integrating a whole solution.
  • Flexibility and Speed: Extensibility, gain efficiency and speed of deploying new Information with a notification massage to all users, while maintaining a progress report of staff engagement
  • Improving mobile App ( UI & UX ): Enhancing user interface and experience for our mobile App for more efficiency and satisfaction.
  • One Solution: Unified all requirement for sales team to capture all sales opportunity and communicate with their existing customers or new potential customers using different solution components:

    Digital Business Card



    Courses and Informative material


    Share business product

    Create Status

    Sticky Notes


    Alert Notification

    Survey Form

    Greeting Card

    Target Model

    Managing branch employee’s movement

    Fast Connect

  • Increase Sales productivity: Unified solution will guarantee a seamless experience for end users and improve communication with existing customers and new potential customers during office hours and after office hours.
  • Empowering Area and Regional Managers: Progress report of awareness and engagement of branch employees highly critical for Area and Regional managers which will reflect in a better customer journey, improve productivity and reduce repeated support log due to lack of awareness.
  • Reduced costs and increase efficiency: Improving awareness for sales team will reduce the need for training and workshops on business products. Eliminating papers and printing.
  • Increase NPS Score, and Reducing Customer complaints: Equipping branch employees with Next Peak solution will help in reducing service duration time, Increase sales and service to customers from first visit, reducing average waiting time.
  • Increase Return of Investment (ROI)
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Communication Experts is investing in its customer experience and improving communication and engagement among the team, and enabling sales team to Communicate with their customers with consistent and informative information about features and benefits of all products in order to generate new sales, and support customers on their preferred channel.